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Axial Fan Manufacturers in Turkey

DURMAZ brings you high-performance axial fans designed to meet your ventilation and cooling needs. You can use our propeller fans for industrial or domestic ventilation purposes for reliable airflow and cooling solutions.

What are Axial Fans?
An axial fan, also called a propeller fan, can move high volumes of air to cool objects or ventilate spaces. They are available in almost all sizes ranging from board level to room size. Axial fans deliver a low-pressure airflow with high-volume airflow. These fans are ideal for cooling objects and spaces as the airflow is evenly distributed.

High-efficiency axial airflow design
Durable construction for long-term reliability
Lightweight and compact for easy installation
Low noise operation for comfortable environments
Energy-efficient motor for cost savings
Adjustable blade angle for customizable airflow
Suitable for various applications: ventilation, cooling, exhaust, etc.
Corrosion-resistant materials for harsh environments
Wide operating temperature range for versatility (-20°C to 55°C)
Easy maintenance and cleaning for hassle-free upkeep
Three-phase motor
Axial Fan Variety Available at DURMAZ
We offer these eight versions catering to various size and voltage requirements tailored to your needs.

DF8038S (80X80X38) 220VAC 50/60HZ 30/40m3/h
DF12038S (120X120X38) 220VAC 50/60HZ 100/140m3/h
DF17250S (172X150X50) 220VAC 50/60HZ 240 (270) m3/h
DF22580B (225X225X80) 50/60HZ 880(980) m3/h
DF8025DC (80x80x25) 24VDC (PLASTIC BODY)
DF12038DC-P (120x120X38) 24VDC (PLASTIC BODY)
DF12038DC-M (120x120X38) 24VDC (METAL BODY)
DF17250DC (172x150X50) 24VDC

Upgrade your ventilation and cooling systems with our range of Axial Fans, engineered for reliability, efficiency, and performance. Our trusted brand axial fans are the perfect solution for improving airflow in electronic enclosures and enhancing ventilation in industrial settings. Order now and experience the difference in airflow and cooling efficiency with our premium axial fans.